Fri/Sat, July 10 & 11.
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
31 Evergreen Lane Narrowsburg, NY 12764

(1st house on the left. Evergreen Lane is next to Lander's River Trips office on Route 97 )


BIG selection of tools & shop equipment:

shop machines
metal fans
shop chair
Kirby Vacuumn
Golf Clubs
Hand Tools
Roof Rake
Tree Trimming/Pruning Tools
Garden Tools - Shop Tools- Vintage tools and parts

nails, screws, odds 'n ends

Chicken Farm Debeaker
Chicken Farm Feather remover

Wooden Storage Box
metal snakes
shovels, rakes

Vintage Bicycle
metal typewriter table
harvest baskets
storage barrels

CHRISTMAS decorations:
lights, tree skirts, ornaments

tables and chairs
lawn chairs
gallon glass jars

Oak Dining Room Table with 6 Chairs, like-new condition.


Vintage Singer Sewing Machine in cabinet
tables, chairs, coffee table & end tables
lamps, Rotisserie, Dishes, Glassware

and more!

Great bargains. Everything must be sold!



shop_compressor...shop_grinderand_...shop_sprayer_hosePlus VintageMetalSprayerCanHoseStraps...WoodStorageBoxRoofRakeMetalSnakes...MirroredDoorMetalClothesCabinet...MetalClothesCabinet 

harvest and planting baskets

shovels and lawn mower wheels
rakes, shovels and lawn mower wheels

free pile

snow chains, fishing poles, tv table
snow chains, fishing poles, tv table
more tools - wood splitting wedges, pipe fittings,
paint tools, wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers
and socket wrenches. wooden tool box, plastic lunch pail...

2 large bags of bailing twine
2 large bags of bailing twine, metal snakes,

vintage sprayer, lawn ornaments, exercise bike

BoPeep and Skunk lawn ornaments,
vintage metal sprayer with harness,
exercise bicycle, more lawn ornaments, bailing twine

sand, salt, electric cords, coffee table
sand, salt, electric cords, torch handle, coffee table,
bucket lift, blue box filled with ropes

space heater, pumps, heavy duty springs
space heater, pumps, heavy duty springs
and large heavy metal tools, breaker bar, shop vac


paint and plumbing supplies
box of painting and box of plumbing supplies,
golf clubs, garden hose, wire table,

]typewirter table and chainsaw
old metal typewriter table with folding sides, chainsaw, chairs, Christmas ornaments

Metal Closet with Key, Christmas Ornaments, Shop Vac & vintage bike
Metal clothes closet with Key and mirrored door,
Christmas ornaments, Shop Vac and vintage bicycle

Christmas stuff, vintage bicycle and 2 drawer table
Vintage bicycle, Christmas decor, tables, 2 drawer end table,
shop vac, Bandaid Station banner, lamp

Mixed Treasures
long view of mostly tools table, paint sprayers, electric drills,
hand tools, tool boxes, mixed treasures for the tool man or woman

Drills, Saws, Tool boxes filled with tools
Drills, Saws Tool boxes filled with... Tools!

Shelf, Paint, Golf Clubs, Chicken Feather Remover
vintage wooden book shelf, cans and spray cans of paint,
flashlights, tool and metal parts - ideal for sculpture and creative projects. reflectors, Chicken Farm - defeathering machine.

compressor, tools, paint sprayers,

Tree and garden tools, compressor, paint sprayer,
dollar table of mixed small tools and nails, screws, parts and stuff

Bottles Shoes TV Swivel Table
bottles, shoes, Swivel Top TV table cabinet, kitchen stuff

Bakeware, Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen bakeware, appliances, gallon glass jars
Kitchen flatware, wire utensil racks, wire spice rack,
mushroom set and covered tea cup
Dollar Table - Nails, Screws, Odds Ends
Dollar Table - Nails, Screws, Odds and Ends for the handyman or woman

Lamp and Table and Cordials

Dining Room set: 2 end tables and coffee table. 2 lamps, cordial service, Kerosene lamp

Handbags and Mens Suits
Womens handbags and Mens Suits

heaters Towels
portable heaters, table, cards, towels, suitcases


Suitcases blankets
suitcases and blanketss

Kirby and Hoover Vacuums
Kirby and Hoover Vacs

31 Evergreen Lane Sewing Machine

Singer Sewing Machine in hideaway cabinet

31 Evergreen Lane Footlocker box
lightweight army green footlocker chest

Tables and Lamps
Vanity dresser with Mirror, Lamps and tables  

. . . . . . . . .


Royal Oakes Estates, 31 Evergreen Lane, Narrowsburg, NY 12764
Call for appointment to view property: 845-252-3977 or 845-684-4206
HOUSE FOR SALE - Narrowsburg, NY 12764 - front view
front view of house

views from Evergreen Lane

views of lawn and woodlands surrounding
cedar-sided, contemporary ranch house
in Narrowsburg, NY 12764